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    I don't have a discrete reference measurement that I can provide you with in terms of the distance from the firewall as I never measured it during the development process. I can however tell you that the Hooker Blackheart mounts do not cram the engine up against the firewall like the use of common 1" set-back swap plates do, and also to not move the engine forward by a questionable amount like some other mounting brackets I've seen that do. As a reference, the mounting positioned obtained allows the use of the stock A/C evaporator case for those wanting to use it, and also positions the shifter of a T56 Magnum transmission up through the stock shifter cut out in the tunnel sheet metal. The appearance of this positioning looks very natural and's an image of an LS installed in a 69 Camaro using the Hooker Blackheart engine and transmission mounting components for you to get a look at.

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