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      Generic head gaskets for LTX, any thoughts? 12659260 seems to be OoS everywhere

      Didn't know this area existed but glad to see that it does. Regardless, I'm swapping the cam and etc in my LT1 so need a head gasket (motor came with one), but I've ordered from Summit and two different online GM parts places only to later either be told ship date is October, maybe, or have my orders cancelled due to them not having a solid timeframe.

      As a last resort I was considering this, but being generic I'm not sure how good of an idea that would be. I'm thinking maybe not risk it, even though it is possibly fine. With the cylinders extending past the surface of the block I'd not want to find out too late these are 0.XXX thinner than stock or something like that.

      Edit - Of course as soon as I post this I see that a new part number is 12688943 and found one on ebay for $42.
      Double edit - they just cancelled my order saying it was out of stock.

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