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Thread: pontiac x body

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    pontiac x body

    Greetings from southern LA! (da bayou state) Love the forum! Recently drug home my first ever Pontiac. A '76 Ventura. I hope these giant photos aren't breaking some interweb etiquette! As discovered... Name:  ponti x 5.jpg
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    I had a few chevys back in my day and wasn't really looking for this specific car, it was just too good to pass up.
    Sporting the factory 260cu Olds V8, turbo 200 and factory surviving paint, i pushed it up on the trailer, ran er through the car wash to knock off a layer of green and stashed it behind the shop.You can tell from the condition of my trailer how long its been since I used it regularly. Name:  ponti x 1.jpg
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    I have only ever had mild street strip cars/trucks so, we'll see how this goes. i am just looking for a stout street car w air that will stop on a dime. i really like the PT style cars.
    if i could mash these next three photos together and pour em on this xbody, trans am, oldsmobile, step child...
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    Great inspiration and engineering found here on PT. Please direct my attention to any mid 70's xbody projects that you know of!
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    Cool Project.
    You don't see these cars anymore....