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    Looking for someone with a distributor machine- Oakland County MI region

    Involved in vintage racing old MG sports cars. Rules require we use a distributor, not a crank trigger. There is one guy in the MG community that rebuilds Lucas distributors, but keeps the advance curves close to the vest. He hates anything electronic, doesn't recommend anything but points. I'm paying for the rebuilds and the recurves, but I want to try FI on one of the cars, with the ECU controlling advance (not one of the race cars.)

    This is a long road to get to the question- I live in NE Oakland county MI. Looking for someone with a distributor machine who I can take the distributors to and get help plotting the advance curve to enter it in the timing table for the ECU. Anyone know someone?

    Thanks in advance (pun not intended)

    greg fast
    Greg Fast
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