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      Interesting. I have a question though - is there a reason you're putting the living space over? I ask because, at least in my area, I see ads all over the place for huge steel buildings for low prices. Seems it would be easier if you built a ground level place, and sectioned off part for living. You wouldn't have to climb stairs, and it would be a lot easier to seal against exhaust fumes. It might wind up being cheaper to boot, since you'd not be having to build a building tall enough to have a second floor, plus what it takes to build a second floor strong enough that you don't wake up on the first floor all sore and confused with a fridge on your stomach one day. A building with a second floor would need to be taller, and more expensive, than a building that's only first floor even if it has to handle a lift.

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      It just occurred to me that my garage comes close to what you're doing. The roof is custom trusses so essentially a second floor accessible from our deck with walk in storage and "hobby" space. Power, lights, and a split AC system. We didn't plumb it with water because there was no need.

      If I were living there, I'd want a thorough vapor barrier under the floor.

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      Barndominiums or a Shouse are the latest thing, I have a friend and his wife in the middle of building one in Kentucky, and Suzys brother has one they live in at Lake of the Ozarks, I think they are a great use of the barn and property space,

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      the Coolest place I have ever lived in was a Carriage House apt after I got divorced. Two Car Garage, Storage area, apartment was only 500 sf but nice in the nicest area of Tampa. and it was CHEAP!

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      Building progress,,,,,,uuuhhhmmmm

      Quote Originally Posted by mbuenavides View Post
      I wonder how this project turns out since it's been 2-years since this query was created.
      Well, the building has been delayed by Covid shutdown issues and few other issues.
      So my plans have been tempered and adjusted to fit my needs.
      24x32, 23 ft tall approximately. 4 or 5 ply 2x8 laminated columns on permacolumns.
      Zip R12 sheeting on the outside. Found a company that makes a aerated concrete "board" that makes them a bit more thermally broke, lighter and easier to handle. Plans to use these at ground level.
      Still planning on 16" or 18" 4x2 floor trusses, so shop will have open area. Plans are to use a heavy 8-12 mill vapor barrier on bottom of trusses, then plans are to screw some thin paneling or plywood for a ceiling. I'll install proper boxes etc for the light wiring in the shop ceiling, ceiling fans, etc.
      Then after electric and water and heating duct are installed my plans are to follow insulation guys recommendation of blowing 11" of rockwool in floor, then screw down 3/4" flooring gluing in not critical areas(not near where the utilities will run).
      The issue I have is getting proper way to suspend the trusses as I have been told several ways to do it. One is 4" angle iron bolted through the columns, then bolting a long beam(s) the length of building, appropriately blocked out. Then set floor trusses on that beam and locked into place from top.
      Also we have planned on cantilevering 2"x12"s on each side of the floor trusses and having them stick through walls to allow a second floor deck. Support outside will be diamond piers.
      Upstairs I am designing a heavy insulated sliding french door, the walls will get 5 1/2" of rock wool bat insualtion then possibly a layer of rockwool comfortboard and if numbers are accurate the zip R12 + R30 rockwool bat should make it cozy. Still researching roof insulation.
      Roof trusses are gonna be double truss scissor trusses, no attic and most likely exposed trusses. After finding the antistatic paint I dont thing dirt will be hard to control considering my hvac plans.
      Thoughts are to have 12' wide door on east narrow end, true 8' wide south door on long side. No windows downstairs. I even researched these cool garage door tracks with curves formed into them that press doors up againts wall seals.
      Need to get back with one designer who was gonna draw up my plans buit him and his family got hit by health issues and couple Covid cases.
      My biggest issue has been last year 31 weeks of year I was single worker in my shop. I have made good work doing better than previous crew but after this week Ill be competeing against MY work last year. And my mom just had to go get set up to start dialysis. She had liver/kidney transplant back in 07.

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