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    First gen camaro BBC headers.

    Like everyone I wanted good ground clearance and Quality made Headers. So I asked around what would be the best that would fit good and have ground clearance every one said lemons but at the cost of around 2k that was not going to work if I could get around that. I did what most do and got a set of hooker headers then a set of headman both had there down falls but both hang way to low. Sent both back and called lemon but after talking to him I found out that the headers would not fit because of the tru turn from Ride Tech. He said he could make them fit but would have to send them out then see where they where hitting and send back. My thought was if I have to modify why not just try and make my own so I ordered up the parts and found a nice header building jigs or blocks and went to town. Make sure you order the same CLR for the blocks and uturn tubing. This hole process took me 2 weekends to build some nice 2 1/4” headers
    I started by laying out one bank with the blocks then making each bend cut and refitting. ( don’t try and cut all bends for one tube like I tried wasted a few hours at first) just do one bend at a time. Name:  EAB79148-9E47-449B-B67A-0DC83B584EC4.jpg
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    After getting all tubes tacked up I removed all tubes and weld the joints up. Sorry didn’t get any pics of this step.
    Then I reinstalled each tube so I could tack tube to flange and cut to length. Name:  2FD83DEE-0FD8-4931-AC7B-48761184C53A.jpg
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    Next step was to remove and weld everything up and install collector.
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    All in all this was pretty painless and very rewarding.
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    Here are some random pics of the project
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    Parts list 18 2 1/4 Ubends 3"CLR , flanges to fit head and collectors. The Ubends have enough strait pipe to do whats needed.
    Just thought I would share how easy it was. The icengineworks blocks made this easy. Total cost was 950. That’s blocks and header parts.

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    Impressive, don't think I have the patience. Although I need headers that don't hang low also.

    Nice job!

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    I learned the hard way too. I purchased Lemons ceramic coated headers. Spent over $2,000 and they hit my Ride Tech, Tru-Turn as well. The Lemons Headers are a work of art for sure.

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    Nice Job!! I have Hooker Super Comps and they hang way to low,so now I have to remove them and try to resell them. Not sure if I have that type of welding skills.

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    Nice work, gotta be rewarding.

    Not sure that i want to build from scratch, But I could handle adjusting a few tubes or chopping some up for ground clearance.

    The suggestion on using 1 7/8 big block headers, chopping off the flange and adding LS flanges is interesting.