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Thread: t56 help

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    t56 help

    Having a bit of a weird issue.

    I picked up an LT1 T56 a while back. Bought the RS Gear LT1/LS1 input and midplate kit to upgrade to fit the LS1 bell. Trans shifted fine on the bench prior. During the swap, the shift rail on the counter shaft, I believe it is the 5/6 shaft, dropped out of the alignment with the guide bolt, allowing the shaft to drop about 1/4 inch to where the shaft wouldn't go into the boss hole in the plate. so on the advice of RS gear, I removed the guide bolt and that allowed me to get the midplate installed correctly. Got it all back together, went to shift it, its stuck in gear. wont go out, I removed the guide pin to see if that would help, it didn't. Any thoughts as to what could be the problem before I completely tear this thing down and rebuild it?

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    Sorry for the troubles, but this one is above my pay grade. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

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    I would take the front plate back off (the one you took off to pull the input shaft) and see if something is in a bind. I did this same trans mod a couple of years ago and it worked pretty good. One thing you'll have to do is check the thrust setting on the input shaft. There are shims in the plate that you adjust it with. After you take the plate off try turning the input shaft and see if it moves freely. I'd also look to see if anything is in a bind at that point.

    look here and see if any of this helps you with what your doing. I used a Lakewood bellhousing for the SBC the plate you see is the one I had to use to make up the 1/2" difference between the LT1 and the LS input shaft. It also allowed me to bolt the T-56 to the Lakewood. Hoe this helps some.

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