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    Advanced Transmission Controller

    I thought I might interest you in a project my colleagues have developed - we have designed an advanced standalone transmission controller that is able to operate transmissions such as the new ZF 8-speed, and even Volkswagen and BMW's dual clutch gearboxes.

    The device meets industry standards and offers vast configurability through an easy to use interface. It can run as a standalone controller, or in sync with an oem or standalone engine management system. We are offering several innovative features, such as the ability to set up a "virtual clutch pedal."

    Some specifications:

    12 solenoid outputs
    4 frequency inputs
    4 digital inputs
    3 analog outputs
    12 analog inputs
    8GB integral data logger
    2 independent CAN-buses (FD 2.0B compatible)
    IP67 via type-c USB or bluetooth

    The controller is enclosed in a high quality CNC-machined case with a 48-pin molex connector.

    Feel free to contact me if you are interested in our solution!

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    Sounds cool

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