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      Pro Touring S10 - "Quicksand"

      Some of you know that my son and I are G-body wagon guys. We also like S10s, and as we're building our wagons to be more than daily drivers we both picked up an S10 to putt around town in. Mine is an 88 Blazer, click here for a couple pics. My son picked up a beater '84 pickup that will be his first ground up build, doing almost all the mechanical, body and paint work himself.

      The set up is: Engine is a 355 with Scat rods KB 10.5:1 pistons, a .540" roller cam and Engine Quest circle track heads topped by an air gap dual plane and 750 Holley. Trans is a T-56 6 speed from an LT Camaro. Suspension is DJM drop spindles, 700# drop springs, Belltech shocks, Belltech 3" drop leafs and 4" blocks. C5 Corvette 13" brakes on UMI brake adapter brackets are wrapped by 18x9 XXR wheels and 275-35 Nitto NT555s all the way around. Coming soon is a disc 8.8" Ford rear axle swap and more UMI suspension upgrades for better handling. 👍

      Here's a few pics of where he's at with it. More coming soon!

      1. I did a rendering for him when we started the project to give him some guidance and motivation. He'll be using late model Toyota truck tan and the hood louver is from a late model Camaro.

      2 & 3. Mocking up for hood mods.

      4. The truck should be somewhere around 3000-3200 lbs so the 13" "budget" C5 brakes should help it stop real well.

      -Ben, Your friendly neighborhood Rendering dude

      SRD on Facebook

      79 Cutlass wagon build

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