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    Need help pricing 62 Corvette Project

    Hey gang. I need some help feeling out market value on our 1962 Corvette build. Long story short: The build has taken too long, gotten too expensive, and we just want out. Already have a few other classics and this one is simply taking up space. It’s time to cut ties and let someone else finish it off into their dream car.

    Ill include details from the shop that was working on it below but the basics are an original 1962 corvette body, Art Morrison GT Sport chassis, compact IRS, basically all of the suspension and brakes, interior pieces are there but you’d want to redo all of the upholstered bits. Set up for LS-platform but no engine transmission or wheels. Most of the car is there but it needs paint, chassis assembly, and finish work. About $45-$50k just in new parts (chassis included) and 6 months of work doing all of the body modifications and glasswork.

    Was as thinking of asking $100k OBO. We’ve got waaay more than that in it but some of that is our own fault. Want to see what others think it’s worth. If it were finished the way we originally planned I’d like to think it would be a $200k+ car.

    ***having trouble uploading pics from my phone so will do those from the computer when I get home in the morning.

    Info from shop notes

    • Original 1962 Corvette Body
    • Inner Fenders are Custom : Smooth & Straight Fiberglass
    • Inner Fenders have Reliefs Molded In For Custom Air Intake Tubes
    • The Firewall is Smooth & Straight
    • The Cowl Vent is Smoothed
    • Door Lock Holes Smoothed
    • Deck Lid Lock Smoothed
    • Hood : Inside has been Straightened, Made Symmetrical, & Smooth
    • Front Valence Has Been Extended
    • Bottom of Car is Smoothed
    • Inside Edges of Rockers Have Been Trimmed Smooth
    • Trunk Floor Replaced With New Custom Built Floor , Raised to clear
    Dana IRS
    • All Factory Bracing Retained -Modified as Necessary
    • Rear Wheel Wells Stretched with New Custom FiberGlass Tubs
    • Round Flush Fit Fuel Door
    • Bottom of Car is in Final Primer- Sikkens Colorbuild
    • Inner Front Fender Braces (above lip) New Custom Built( like factory)
    • Doors, Hood, Conv top Lid, Deck Lid Fitted to Body
    • Body is in Sikkens Colorbuild Primer
    • Body is set up for Shortened EFI Fuel Tank
    • The Soft Top will not work on this body
    • Comes With Removable Factory Hardtop

    • Art Morrison GT Sport IFS & Compact IRS Bolt On Frame • Sport IFS Control Arms
    • Wilwood 2” Dropped Spindles
    • New DSE Power Rack & Pinion 20:1 Ratio
    • Tie Rod Ends
    • Fitting Kit For Rack to - 6AN
    • JRI Aluminum Coil Over Shocks with Springs & Poly Spring Washer
    • Sport Sway Bar Adjustable Kit
    • Transmission Crossmember Mount - T56 Magnum TR6060 Six Speed , • Wilwood Pro Spindle Aero6 14” Rotor Brake Kit (front)
    • Rear Components :
    • IRS DANA Short Cradle Assembly 57.5 “
    • JRI Aluminum Coil Over Shocks with Springs & UHMW Spring Washer • DANA 60 UPGRADE to TRU-TRAC (worm gear)
    • IRS DANA 3:73 Gear Ratio
    • IRS ZR1 Bearing Hub UPGRADE
    • Wilwood Rear Brake Kit W4A 14.25”
    • IRS Emergency Brake Cable Kit W/ Adapter
    • Misc Extras:
    • GT SPORT IFS IRS Universal SS Brake Line Kit
    • Universal SS Upper Brake Line Kit
    • LS Energy Suspension Poly Mount Kit
    • GM Transmission Energy Suspension Poly Mount
    • 1 7/8” Stainless Steel Ultimate Header (mill finish) 3” Connector clps
    • Frame is Smoothed and is Sikkens Colorblind Primer

    Windshield Assembly Restored By Glassworks, Imperial Penn.
    • Parts That Have Been Chromed , Door Posts, Bumpers (-1), Misc.
    • Car Set up For LS Family of Engines Headers to fit included
    • Hood Set up for Electric Lift
    • Trunk set up for Remote Release, or Electric Lift
    • Round Flush Fit Fuel Door
    • Full Frame Off Rotisserie Build
    • Soft Top WILL NOT work with modifications

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    Tough to get $100k for a project in that state imho, especially on this forum. Expect to get 50 to 60 cents on the dollar spent. You would be better off finishing it and taking it to Barrett Jackson.

    Try the Corvette forum. They have lots of opinions over there....

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