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      Need Help: 1992 700r4 into a 67 El Camino 400SBC. What do I need to not burn it up?

      I'm trying to finish my father's project truck so he can drive it pretty quickly before his health is totally gone. He has a 67 El Camino that has a 400 SBC in it. He stuck a 700r4 out of a 1992 Camaro Z28 in the truck. What do I need to do so he doesn't destroy the trans? Is there some sort of controller I need for the trans? Do I only need to hook up the TV cable? Sorry, I come from the LS world where everything is computer controlled, and I don't know much about pre 1997 stuff. He's running a Holley 650cfm carb, I konw I'll need the TV cable bracket so it hooks to the carb, but that's about all I know. Am I better off just pulling the trans and sticking a th350 in there?