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    Project S-1970 - 1970 Torino on a 2011 Mustang

    So finally decided to start a build thread after lurking thru these forums for years and finally having enough progress to post. Started with an idea after seeing the Foose Imposter on SEMA Battle of the Builders and thinking how that seemed like an easier way to have everything needed to have an old car with a new drive-train and creature comforts vs cramming all that into an old car like me and my dad are doing on our 67 Fastback. Being a Ford guy, a new mustang was the only option to swap everything on to but the measurements for a new mustang and an old mustang just would end up looking bulbous. Found a few people who had done this later and the proportions were always off. I wanted a car to look mostly stock on the exterior and completely new underneath. Went to a local car show a few weeks later and saw a 70 Torino Gt and loved the body lines and the fact that they are fairly uncommon to see. So did some research and found that width wise it would work however the wheelbase was off about 8-9", but that was close enough to try. So searched and searched for a reasonable price on one that was rough enough to cut up but solid enough to fix since replacement parts for the 70-71 are mostly non-existent. Ended up finding a guy selling 2 1970 GTs about 30 miles away. One was supposedly near paint and the other was a shell he was using for the vin and title. Price was right and car seemed to be in okay shape under his dimly lit shed so I brought them home. After getting them home, I found the gray car was no where near paint. The driver side door and fender had been wiped full of mud about an inch thick in spots from a previous wreck and the passenger side quarter was in about as bad of shape. Door post were seam sealed to hide the swiss cheese underneath and other odds and ends. But somehow the hull of a car that was sitting under a tree was in decent shape considering what my plan was for it.
    Next step was to get a donor car. I was fixing a 2014 Gt at the time, that I picked up from the salvage yard a couple months prior and was pricing buying new parts for it. Ended up running across a wrecked 2011 Gt convertible with most of the parts I needed to finish the 14, that went for fairly cheap. Being a convertible, it was perfect for the body swap since less cutting and re-enforced floor. Since the code name for the 2005-2014 mustang platform was the S-197 and this was a 1970 Torino, the S-1970 was born.

    Started this project back in the summer of 2016 but it is a slow build due to the fact that I got accepted to Pharmacy School a month after starting this project so now I'm a full time grad student, working 2 jobs, and only getting to work on it when I come home on Saturdays and holidays. Plus the fact it is not the only project car I'm fixing, but felt like it was a good time to post the progress so far.

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