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    Default drag issue....need help - ALL New Parts

    Like you can see in the videos, i have big drag issue at driver site....
    ( passenger site is acceptable )

    new Discīs
    new pads
    new hoses
    new brakelines
    new driver site caliper ( passenger site old )
    front bearing free-play
    new brake brakets
    Itīs seems like itīs a mechanical problem because i have the same issue without
    pressure on the system...i change from Power brakes to hydroboost system but the problem still existing.

    Because everything is now new but only the SPINDELS NOT .....can this be the reason ????? ( Itīs original a drum brake car which the preowner already convert to disc/ drum)

    I really donīt have any idea whats the problem and never read or hear about this problem.


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