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      Motor State Challenge - July 18-20

      SW Michigan's biggest Pro-Touring event is on the calendar! The 11th Annual Motor State Challenge begins with the cruise and dinner on Thursday, then continues Friday with a full day of road course racing at Gingerman Raceway, in South Haven, MI. Saturday's fun includes a Track Sprint event at Gingerman. And for those who still haven't had enough fun on the track (is it really possible to ever get enough?), the South Bend Regional chapter of the SCCA is partnering with the Detroit SCCA and Indiana Northwest Region SCCA groups to host the Summer Festival Speed. This event continues through Sunday. For additional details and a link to register for the Motor State Challenge, visit:


      Please note that the limited number of driver slots are on a first-come, first-served basis and fill up quickly!

      To learn more about the Summer Festival of Speed, visit: