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    Searching for a rust free convertible muscle car

    I am looking for a convertible automatic air conditioned buckets, console vehicle and must be rust free. Original drive train or LS

    I know I am asking for a lot but am willing to pay for the correct vehicle. Color preferances are blue, dark red, red, orange, black, white, maybe dark green. Not looking for yellow but will consider all colors if the vehicle is otherwise everything I want. I have 2 very bad shoulders which is why the automatic but again for the right car and right price I will consider a manual. Same as AC I prefer factory but will take vintage air or will install vintage air if everything else is right. Not looking for a project but turn key one way or the other.

    First choice is a 1972 2 wheel drive blazer

    then 1970 Chevelle/Chevelle SS (also consider 1968/1969, 1965-1967 not power glide)

    1970 lemans/GTO (also consider 1964-1969 not power glide)

    1970 Sklark S/Buick GS/GS455 (also consider 1968/1969)

    same years and wants for cutlass/442, Challenger, Cuda, GTX, Road runner, similar?

    I live in MA and would be willing to drive or fly to see the right car. My dad is 90 and can't be left alone for more than a couple of days so I am looking for any links, help, suggestions?