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      Sep 2017
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      Jason's 67 pro touring Camaro

      Like to get a build thread started. I started with a 67 6 cylinder car. Now a 327 Scat etc with aluminum heads big roller cam. Edelbrock air gap. Quick fuel carb mated to a 01 Camaro T56 trans.
      Paint job went South so I rescued car. The. Proceed to cut out floor, trunk and frame rails. I installed an AMD full floor, trunk , narrowed frame rails and dynacorn minitubs
      Currently mocked up with Speedtech subframe and rear torque arm with rear a narrow 53.75" ford 9"

      Just raised the tunnel last week with Speedtech tunnel mod kit but I added 4" to accommodate the T56 longer shift point.
      It's Headed to the rotisserie next week after working on it 2 years.
      Got some Forgeline ZX3 R wheels black barrels and titanium centers with 14" wilwood aero 6 for front and 14" aero 4 for rears.
      I'll ha e to figure out the picture posting.

      Jasons Toys
      67 Camaro build
      2000 HD Softail
      1989 CBR Hurricane anniversary edition