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    68 Camaro Build with Gen V Motor Swap


    I wanted to share my build thread here with you guys, I started it on ls1tech since I have been using them for info since day one. I find myself frequenting this site more and more as you are more responsive to questions I have so maybe you can chime in if you see me doing something wrong or assist if I have any questions.

    My build is about having a modern driving car with the latest and greatest drivetrain parts at a reasonable price, new and used parts will be used to keep the cost down. I also planned on doing just about everything myself to keep the cost down but I ran into a lack of free time problem and had a shop do some fab work (that I regret) for me to speed things up. I planned on having it running by this spring but that aint happening, maybe by the fall?

    Here's a link to ls1tech if you would like to see my progress and I'll pickup here where I left off.