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    Used exhaust for a 1st Gen Camaro

    I'm looking for opinions on using used exhaust for my 68 camaro rather than buying a new set to save some money. I can weld and cut as needed. I feel like a new system is a little pricey and I will not be using all the pieces as the over axle will not fit without some modification with my ridetech rear. Plus I see a lot of the systems are 400 series SS, I'd rather not use this.

    I was looking into a used aftermarket 3" corvette x-pipe to stick under there, not sure if it would interfere with the tunnel or driveshaft. Or I was thinking of this Hellcat mid section in the photo below, comes with two mid sections, all 4 pipes and is 304SS. I'd like to make this an x-pipe setup and there looks to be enough metal there to make it work for a faction of the cost of a new setup. Then add mufflers and dump it, possibly go under the rear later down the road if I don't like the drone.