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      Feb 2019
      I have been busy. I had the week off, and I have basically lived in the garage.

      I started to bleed the clutch and realized the slave cylinder leaked. So I have another one on the way. I guess thats what I get for buying cheap. Brand new and leaks. I finished the brake lines and got new shoes and wheel cylinders, so they are going in soon. I finished the driver side inner fender well, and started the passenger side. I got the front end assembled along the way, and a few more details. I have a radiator on the way, with a fan and shroud and some silicone hoses. I also have battery straps and a few fittings coming.

      The goal for the week is to finish the wiring tomorrow and check the lights and all the wiring. Then Ill finish clamping the lines and wiring underneath, install the wheels and roll it outside to finish painting the frame. Then I want to start the truck. I know I cant run it long without a radiator, but I want to make sure everything works the way it should. If it turns over and starts, Ill add a few gallons of gas and see if it will idle. Plus I want to see how it sounds.

      I have a few big items left to buy, but Im getting there. I still need shocks and a driveshaft, and probably a few hundred little things because thats how this thing is going. The shocks are easy, but they will cost about $1200. The driveshaft is trickier. There is no slip yoke on the transmission, and I havent seen a driveshaft for a short bed D100 with the NP435. Im going to just call a driveshaft place and see what they can do. With the parts I have and the ones coming in the mail, I can move the truck under its own power, with a driveshaft.

      I extended the tie rod ends too. They were short, and only had about 6 or 7 threads inside the tie rod. I bought some threaded rod and welded it on the tie rod. There were several ways to fix this, but this seemed to be the easiest. The IFS came with the extended mustang II tie rod ends, and they cant be rebuilt or have the ball joint replaced. Ill make some later with the other 2 bungs and they will be rebuildable. The ones I have now are an inch longer, so it has probably 18 to 20 threads inside the tie rod.

      Here are the pictures...Sorry, Im having a fit posting pictures. For some reason this site fights me with posting pictures.
      Attached Images Attached Images