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      Feb 2019
      I would do the crown vic if I wasnt already in $2k. That would be another $1500.

      So I spent a few hours researching, and making phone calls. First, I called Wilwood. They advertise a "mustang II" style dropped spindle. They said it would fit, but would NOT work with any other brakes but theirs. The geometry is the same, but the brake set up is proprietary.

      Then I called Helix. I mentioned Uncle Jimmys, and they said he is an employee of theirs and he will be "out of commission for at least a few months". Not really sure why, and I wasnt going to pry. This would explain the total lack of support from him. I hope everything is okay health wise. This led to me asking about the dropped spindles. The picture shows that they look different than the normal spindles. The tech support guy confirmed that this is the case, and that the dropped spindles will indeed fit, and I can order them directly from Helix, as it is in fact their kit. When I order the spindles, Im going to ask for any information they might have as far as replacement parts, or instructions.

      As for the sub-standard kit parts, Im going to deal with it in stages I guess. I cant afford another suspension so I have to deal with it. A lot of people are using these kits, so maybe I can get by for awhile. Ill install it as is (with the dropped spindles) and keep an eye on it. I found several forums where people had installed them, and addressed the issues with them. The cross member is weak in a few spots, requiring some additional bracing. The ball joints and tie rods are chinese garbage, so Ill look to get those replaced ASAP. When it comes time for brakes, Ill hopefully be in a position to upgrade the entire spindle/brake combo. Ill be looking for some different a-arms as well, maybe with some additional adjustment for caster. With additional bracing and reinforcement on the cross member I dont see it being an issue. We are going to box it in completely as well.

      I might wind up replacing one of the top hats also. Im going to look into it. A few guys have said they had to buy a few extras. The way you have to trim it is just stupid. Ill see if I can get the other side closer. The passenger side has some big gaps. Im not sure about the adjustable coil over upgrade. I would like to at some point, but I dont know if its a viable option.