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      Feb 2019

      1967 Dodge D-100 (Isaacs truck)

      2nd attempt.

      Bought this truck as a father/son project and as his first car. He loved it. We worked on it until he got sick and passed away in March of 2018. He asked me to finish it, so I am.

      We bought the truck, knowing it need some work. I didnt know anything about these trucks, and I have never built a car. Ive installed engines, and speed parts, even rewired a few myself. Never anything of this scale.

      I bought a parts truck, a long bed-camper special from Oklahoma and brought it home for the tailgate and benchseat. It had a few good parts otherwise, so it wasnt a bad investment. After looking int it, and reading constantly over the winter, it was determined the frame under his truck was junk. So, the stripping began.

      Here https://drive.google.com/drive/folde...aN?usp=sharing is the link to a folder with a lot of pictures. Im going to attempt to post some more pictures. The last time, they were sideways. Im using a chromebook so I might not be able to fix it. Here goes

      Name:  IMAG0170.jpg
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      The way it looked when we bought it. Thats a 71 grill, but it is a 67.

      Name:  20180825_140428.jpg
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      I dont know why they are sideways. Anyway, this is it now.

      Name:  20180825_140522.jpg
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      The wheels are from my charger. 20s with 245 tires. Thats the correct grill, but the wrong hood. I have the right year parts in storage.

      Name:  20181229_114710.jpg
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      Pulled the cab and bed from the parts frame.

      Name:  20190126_162514.jpg
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      In the middle of shortening the frame. Thats my (probably) future son-in-law getting ready to weld. He is certified, Im not.

      I dont know why the pictures are sideways. I cant flip them. I guess itll be okay.