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    Default George Poteet's Roadster Shop 1965 Chevy C10 on Forgeline RS-OE1 Wheels

    Is George Poteet's "Survivor Series" Chevrolet C-10 by Roadster Shop the ultimate cruiser? It sports an interior by Avant Garde Design with Dakota Digital gauges, is powered by a 525hp LS3 mated to a 4L60 transmission, and rides on a Roadster Shop FAST TRACK chassis, Baer brakes, Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires, and 18-inch Roadster Shop-exclusive Forgeline RS-OE1 wheels finished with custom body-matching centers and Polished outers! It's the perfect embodiment of the Survivor Series style of build. See more at:

    Mark Schetter
    Forgeline Motorsports, LLC
    Dayton, Ohio
    1-800-886-0093 x12

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