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      Aug 2007
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      Battery powered?

      I hope it never takes off. Just my opinion. Besides on of the thrills of muscle cars is to hear the engines exhaust. I'm not saying electric cars won't run fast because I'm sure they already do. I just like the sound of a muscle car..

      Carl Wilson
      1968 Camaro - T-56 6 speed - 383 Stroker, 2014 Mustang GT seats

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      I think it's inevitable. It may not be in our lifetimes, but fossil-fueled engines are going the way of, well, the dinosaurs.

      I agree that there is no replacement for the sound of an IC engine. Whether you like V8s, V10s, V12, I4s, etc. Whatever your poison, there just isn't anything like it.

      That said, if I had the money, I'd do a conversion today. Sure, I'd keep my Camaro with the V8 for when I wanted to make noise, or I need a nostalgia fix. But when you want to go fast, everything I've read says there's absolutely no comparison when it comes to the instant torque you get from an electric motor. I'd guess the smell of ozone will be the next generations V8 rumble.

      I just hope conversions become cheap enough in my life time for me to be able to afford it.
      Dude are you made of leprechauns? Cause that was awesome!

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      I don't miss the rhythmic clippity-clop of horseshoes on the road. But I'll bet my grandfather did.
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      John Parsons

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      UnRivaled Rides recent project -- LS9-powered 69 Camaro

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      John, that's funny!

      I'd be interested in the powertrain that Chevy revealed in the ECOPO this year. It's been awhile since I watched it, but if I remember right, the rep mentioned something about being able to purchase it in the future to retrofit into your car. I think that would be cool in a first gen Camaro or early Nova.

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      Dec 2016
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      Muscle cars will be in a museum with the steam cars and a curator will tell astonished, wide eyed children "they used to fill them with highly flammable gasoline and the motor would run by controlled explosions".

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      I view them as an opportunity to learn, same as I do pro-touring cars. I would like to build one some day.

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      My car sounded like a blower with no engine . I miss doing burn outs at every light . It was like a show everywhere I went , even when I burnt the motor . I took my car to a tire shop and all work stoped .
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