Hi Guys,

I currently have a set of old press bent 1 3/4 " long tube headers on my 421SBC in my 68 Firebird. The engine made 580HP & 550ftlbs but is running no quicker at the track than it did with the old engine. The pipes are down to smaller than 1 5/8" on the press bends so I am thinking this wont be doing me any favours.

I was looing at fitting a set of Hooker Super Comps on the car but have seen too many pics of them hanging down low so crappy ground clearance.

I am now looking at either the Dougs 323 or the Dynamax 740- 21310. Both of these are a stepped header from 1 3/4" to 1 7/8".

My car is lowered & runs all factory Camaro stuff so there should be no drama getting a set of off the shelf headers for it.

I also run AFR angle plug heads.

Have any of you guys ran either of the above headers & what can you say about -

Spark plug lead clearance ?
Fitment around steering box ?
Ground clearance ?