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      TCI Engineering equipped Camaro wins SCCA Solo Nationals!

      I finally did a write up on the AutoXandTrack Camaro win at the recent SCCA Solo National autocross event! Check it out here: TCI Engineering equipped Camaro wins SCCA Solo Nationals

      Talk about a high pressure event! When you only get 3 chances on each course it ups the pressure considerably! 2018 has been an amazing year for me and the Camaro! I also talk about the CAM invitational, which took place the weekend before. Didn't win that event but I did get on the podium!

      Special thanks to some of the forum sponsors who helped make this happen
      TCI Engineering for making awesome suspension!
      Anvil Auto for helping the Camaro shed almost 70 lbs and look even better!
      Vaporworx for making the best fuel systems!
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      Autocross and track blog about running autocross and track events with pro touring cars

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