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    Default Remote Solenoid for TRUNK BATTERY with LS motor


    May sound stupid but I have used the Start em up kits and relay kits from MAD ELECTRICAL countless times on projects where I had the battery relocated to the back but a big cable wire running all the way up to the front to the starter. They have worked great since I am paranoid about having a live wire all the time with a big cable.

    My newest project has an LS motor in it with the battery in the back and the big live cable running to a spot up front then it branches off forward from there. It is live all of the time and I want to employ the same system.

    My question is does this setup get set up differently with an LS motor, computer and harness? I never had an LS motor in my projects before so not sure how the wiring, computer etc effects any of this or if I should be running it a different way.

    Thanks In advance.

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    We run a similar setup on our 73 Camaro with LS engine and it works fine. It uses the factory ECM. Aftermarket companies say to run the EFI power wires to the battery directly.

    On another car, I made a system where a rear mounted Ford type starter solenoid & energized the large cable for starting only, which ran direct to the starter. Then ran an 8 gauge cable for power supply/charging which can be fused or have a fuseable link. A 50A toggle switch on the 8 gauge wire in the trunk can shut off all power. You don't need a huge switch back there. BUT if you shut it off with engine running, it would not shut it down due to the alternator powering the system.
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    I am currently running an LS3 with the battery in the back with a stock ECM and it runs fine. My setup is almost identical to yours and it also ran fine with a 95 LT1 that I ran before the LS. With factory setups I think you'll be ok. Aftermarket systems always want the cables running straight to the battery and they are finicky as hell. I try to stick to stock systems as much as possible as they are pretty durable for the most part.


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