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    Default Remote Solenoid for TRUNK BATTERY with LS motor


    May sound stupid but I have used the Start em up kits and relay kits from MAD ELECTRICAL countless times on projects where I had the battery relocated to the back but a big cable wire running all the way up to the front to the starter. They have worked great since I am paranoid about having a live wire all the time with a big cable.

    My newest project has an LS motor in it with the battery in the back and the big live cable running to a spot up front then it branches off forward from there. It is live all of the time and I want to employ the same system.

    My question is does this setup get set up differently with an LS motor, computer and harness? I never had an LS motor in my projects before so not sure how the wiring, computer etc effects any of this or if I should be running it a different way.

    Thanks In advance.

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