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    Default Mini compressor vs fullsize? Help me please!

    Working on an LS swap using an LSX b15 376 block and LSA supercharger in a 96 Impala SS. Everything is coming together great except for one big snag...

    I notched my chassis to clear a Denso 10s17f. It fits, but I had to use a "truck" spacing bracket for it to clear the engine mount. This sucks because now I can't use a factory LSA blower/accessory drive (spacing is an inch further back than the truck spacing) and I'm forced to run the blower on a 6 rib drive with the accessories.

    I did the measurements and with the chassis notch an SD7B10 sanden "mini" compressor would fit on the LSA/Corvette spacing and I can run factory LSA accessories and blower drive.

    Here's the issue. I really don't want to sacrifice comfort, It's a daily driver and I want myself and passengers to stay cool while stuck in NYC gridlock on a 95 degree day.

    The SD7B10 has a diminished output compared to the 10cid output of the factory AC compressor or the Denso compressor.

    I know they run the mini SD7 in many aftermarket setups, but I don't know how it would perform in a factory GM system designed for a 10cid compressor. Anybody running one under these conditions? I hear guys say it will have a diminished output at idle but nobody seems to elaborate on how significant this is. I want this car to feel/perform like a new car in the comfort category, I don't want to be sweating my balls off on hot summer days LOL

    If the SD7b10 will do what I want it to do, I'll be able to run the blower on its own 8 rib drive which I'd be really happy about, just not worth it if the AC won't perform like a new car.

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