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    Camaro Convertible 3 point Seatbelts !!

    There has been a demand for 1967 - 1969 Camaro - Firebird Convertible Seat belts for quite some time.
    Well the wait is over, we have developed a 3 point front system for these cars.
    Check our web page.
    Thx, Billy

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    This is really good news. I have inquired with you in the past for them for our 69 Firebird convertible. Not being available I re-installed the originals. Would like to see your offerings installed, can you provide some nice detailed photographs. Thank you.

    Tim john---

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    look on You tube


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    We now have the video on our web page

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    I highly appreciate for such a great news that you have been shared through this forum post,although I visited that above web page, yeah..Thumbs up..!

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    Our 3 point Convertible seat belt brackets have been pull tested by
    an independent testing facility. They pulled to 5000# even though
    1500 # is the FMVSS standard. So you can be confident these seat belt
    assemblies will keep everyone that is buckled up Safe.
    They are a bolt in Safety Addition to your car.

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    Sweet! I have a '69 Firebird convertible project in the works. I'll be needing a set of these next year.

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    Thanks for posting the video .
    Look at our other parts.