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    Default Cast Iron Headers.. So to Speak.

    Has anyone ever used a cast iron header, or is there even such a thing? I'm not talking about full length headers but maybe shorties. I have Hooker Ceramic coated headers and like all headers they have started rusting in some of the places I'm sure the coating couldn't get to. At any rate they look like dung to me. Was wondering if there was such a thing and if anyone ever used them if they make them. This is for a SBC.

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    Maybe something like Corvette Rams Horn exhaust manifolds would be the closest.I have a set of Flow Tech "shorty" headers that I had cerma-chromed locally And never had a problem with them rusting.And they fit nice as well..

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    I ran a pair of Sanderson QP-1000 cast iron headers on my 40 Ford coupe, with built TPI 355" sbc. Had HPC coat them before installation and they worked fine.

    My 70 Elco with 385" sbc has a pair of stainless mid-length headers on it and I really like those.

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