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      TMCP #359{Jeff Teel of Holley Performance Products; Terminator Stealth Fuel Injection

      Our guest this week is Jeff Teel, Events and PR coordinator for Holley Performance Products. In my quest to build an accurate street drive able General Lee clone I have decided to go with fuel injection, but clothed in period accurate looks with a gold Holley atop a Weiand intake just as they used on the TV show back in the day. I saw the Terminator Stealth EFI system at SEMA and thought it was perfect for the General Lee….even before I actually had a General to put it on!

      Jeff explained some of the capabilities and pointed out that Holley wanted to design it as a system that customers could grow into. The backbone of the system is the Dominator ECU – meaning control of this system if effectively limitless. Want to just plug it in and have it auto tune? You can. Want to go hog wild and install crazy induction with timing control? You can!

      Check It Out! - http://www.themusclecarplace.com/tmc...t-parts-online