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    Default 2004R Transmission Vendor

    Any real world experience good and bad with the following sellers of performance 2004R transmissions? I am considering them for my 1968 Firebird that will have GM6.0L Vortec L96 built in the 450-500 HP range and similar TQ numbers.

    • California Performance Transmission ("The Real Art Carr").
    • TCI Automotive Streetfighter Transmission.
    • Proformabuilt Transmissions in Sugarloaf PA.
    • Transmission Depot Inc. in Hudson, FL.

    The last two are a lot lower cost (~25%) than the first two, well known, trans builders.
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    The "real Art Carr" was the first to start building strong 200Rs. CK performance is big in the high powered Buick circles . In the Houston area Mike at Century Transmissions in RIchmond builds a good one(Pontiac friend has one behind a 535" IA motor in his 70 TA)

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