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    Default Help with rear axle width?

    Plan on ordering a Moser 12 bolt kit late this summer for a winter project so this gives me the opportunity to change the axle width.

    I don't have any issues with decent adapters to fix my offset but am I better off just asking for a custom axle width, which would let me run high offset wheels? This is already a wide rear end on a 69 Impala and I plan on fitting C6 Corvette wheels.

    Also, what's the current state of debate on clutch vs gear driven limited slip? The cost difference isn't that much and this is a street driven car.

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    Unless you plan to minitub the car, I personally would stay with the stock width or no more than an inch narrower, per side. Doing the latter will give you a deeper dish, if you like that look, but will almost always require custom backspaced wheels to fit the car. Since you desire to run C6 wheels, I would go with a stock width rear and use high quality billet adapters. I would NOT go with a wider rear.

    Later this year, I plan to install either a Yukon or Eaton limited slip unit, into my 70's 10 bolt. Currently, it has a mini-spool installed and those are a bad idea, for a street-driven vehicle.

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