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    Edelbock 650 AVS sneezing

    I know, I know...... that sounds weird, and it is.

    So, this weekend I was at the Goodguys show in Rhinebeck NY. The car has been running good so far with only 250 miles on it. This is a 340hp small block Ford if that matters.On Friday afternoon when I went to start the car to leave I heard this strange hoping sound when I turn the key to start the car. Never heard that before, I looked over and the guy next to me was folding his chairs so I thought maybe it was just his metal on metal chairs making a slapping sound. But, I immediately noticed the car wasn't running good. I moved the car and parked it for the night. Popped the hood and found the plug that goes over the front vacuum port had blown off, now thats odd. I found a new one and put it on and the car was running great again. But I have now noticed that every so often when I turn the key on I hear this odd noise from under the hood.

    Today I returned home and unloaded the car from the trailer and all was good. In the garage I popped the hood looking for anything out of place. Nothing, everything looks normal. So with the hood open, I reached in through the open window and turned the key to the on position and immediately I hear the carb sneeze. It's almost as if the choke is powering on and for some reason making it sneeze. I turned the key off and on a few times and it did it one more time. So it is intermittent as I had suspected only hearing it a few times since Friday.

    I unplugged the wire going to the electric choke and it hasn't done it since. An suggestions on what is causing this? It only does it when it is energized by turning the key on. Strangest thing I have run into in some time. Hoping for some suggestions here.