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    Default HELLO all you fantastic Gearheads !

    Hi There
    My Name is Mike and Ive been a member since 2010 but have no posts. Thats about to change because Im pulling the car out of the garage and getting back to working on it, I hope to be posting and contributing on a regular basis. The car is a 67 Camaro, nothing special, she was a 327 powerglide car with deluxe interior. Here is a brief history of the car.

    -Purchased 1978
    -327 turned out to be a 307
    -Changed to a 350 and 4spd muncie
    -Suspension work and sway bars, all done in the early eighties.
    -Enjoyed the car for about 5 years
    -Took it all apart one winter, hoping to do a complete restoration.
    -Completely stripped down, 1/4 panels, trunk floor all rotten
    -Had 1/4s replaced with new (full size GM panels)
    -trunk and floor pans graphed from donor car
    -Car was well on its way back together....Then !!

    Many of you have heard this kind of story before. Met a girl, Married, Kids, life had a different focus for a while. Now my kids are all grown up and they want me to get back working on the Camaro. The car has been untouched for about 25 years. So i've saved a bit of money, put together a budget and am purchasing parts for the first time in years!

    So Pro Touring ?.... Yes, but i don't have a hundred grand to throw at the car. My focus is to spend the money on making the car fun to drive. Factory subframe with lots of aftermarket parts. Something similar to the 48 hour Camaro that Ride Tech built a while ago. Anyway thats enough chatter from me. Looking forward to talking with you guys!

    Cheers, Mike

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    Hi Mike , once you make some progress toss up some pics
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    Hey Mike,
    I know your story well! Purchased my 68 in 73, street driven till 76, drag raced till 82, then stored for the next 35 odd years as life got in the way. I literally dusted it off in 2010 to start the current Pro-Touring updates, hence the name. Look forward to following your build, do you have a project name yet? The 48 Hour Camaro is a great template for a nice PT build. Like Ryan said, post pics!

    Steve Hayes
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    68 Camaro

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