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      68 Camaro #2 pops and I fun times.

      Hi all my dad and I are building our second 68 Camaro. So I thought I would post the build and all the fun.
      Car is a RS that I’ve had for 22 years and needs a lot of work. This will be a street car for the most part with some track fun. Name:  670835B0-FBFE-4526-9BE1-968C9CE1FFFC.jpg
Views: 1995
Size:  157.0 KB
      Her is some pics of it tore down for media blast.Name:  643F960E-D2F1-4056-B17F-5FABD7952DBF.jpg
Views: 1980
Size:  232.0 KBName:  A97799C8-0071-4B75-B31E-6E3F3E219DC9.jpg
Views: 1967
Size:  156.6 KBName:  89CAD5F1-0C09-438C-8702-F80EEDE1A72A.jpg
Views: 1964
Size:  241.1 KBName:  63D2C30F-71F1-464B-B87D-44AEAC38E75C.jpg
Views: 1969
Size:  224.5 KB Pics after blasting. Name:  B20A8830-D016-4560-BE3B-39EE29865B4E.jpg
Views: 1971
Size:  186.4 KBName:  30A60A27-9FCD-4AFD-9613-0CD191D8095D.jpg
Views: 1964
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