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    Default Camaro hybrid

    Like most people i have been a long time lurker here. The builds that are going on here are what sparked and have been the driving force behind my current project.

    A little about myself, for the better part of 20 years i spend my time building and racing Dirt circle track race cars. i have built a number of 4 cyl, street stocks and prostocks. My team and i had a lot of success, to the point where it just was not fun anymore. In 2015 i had a solid offer to buy my entire racing operation so i sold it all. I took my time off to build a business out of the shop at my house doing repairs and metal fabrication work for others. i also bought and renovated 2 houses that are now rental income for me. All of this while still having a full time job. So for 2 and a half years i was just working non stop. Then i decided i deserved another toy. This is were came into play. Seeing what was being built here peaked my interest.

    I have always been a Chevy guy and always loved Camaros and owned a lot of 3rd gens when i was in high school and college. I spent some time trying to figure out if i wnated to build a first or second gen. There are a lot of first gens out there and that prompted me to look for a second gen. I have always loved the look of an early 70s Camaro split bumper so that was what i decided to hunt for. It took a while as i was trying to find a complete vehicle, i didn't want to have to hunt for the little stuff that can nickle and dime a project (wish i knew where this project was going to go my search would have been very different) . My friends always tell me that my projects get out of hand.. maybe some day i'll catch on.

    I ended up finding a 1971 Camaro SS. complete but in super rough shape which is fine with me, i am not afraid of a project. (hoping the photos come out normal, if not i will repost)

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    The original plan was to just restore the car with some suspension upgrades and a drop in a big block but after pricing some stuff thought otherwise. I have also spent a good part of my life avoiding owning classic cars because i just don't like the interiors. The seats tend to be very uncomfortable for me and they tend to lack creature comforts. This is where the plan starts to steamroll.

    I decided i wanted the look, feel and options of a modern vehicle but with the style of old steel. I figured i could get my hands on a late model Camaro i could use the drivetrain and the interior in the 1971. I wasn't a huge fan of the style of the 5th gen so i decided a 6th gen camaro interior was what i was looking for. Fun to find for a reasonable price when they had only been out for a year. Then this baby showed up.
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    The carnage was amazing but almost everything i needed was untouched. The poor thing only lasted for about 2-3 months on the road when this happened. A quick trip to North Carolina and she was coming home. Getting it off the trailer was a challenge of its own.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So a good amount of the pieces were in place but it would be almost another year before the project would start. The shop was busy and i needed to pay for all the new parts i needed so that took priority. when i had time i would tinker and strip the 2016 camaro.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My plan was to use as much of the 2016 as possible to make the newer pieces transition into the 71 as easy as possible. After doing a lot of measuring and planning i realized that if i was to utilize the firewall from the newer car i could easily bolt up the dash and other interior components as well as some of the engine bay stuff i wanted to use. This also cleared a lot of space for the engine to go back thus helping balance the vehicle.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    and the project continues to build momentum.

    With the firewall and everything removed and the newer one fitted and tack welded in place i decided the original front frame was not going to work. The easiest solution to this was to go custom Chassis. I spent a good amount of time building them to go in circles so i figured this shouldn't be any harder. It was time to roll out the chassis table and start building. I started by building and squaring the center section

    Name:  chassis2.jpg
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    and started constructing the front rails. The steel had been sitting around the shop so its not as clean as it should be but everything will get media blasted before it gets painted and starts going back together.

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    with this kind of build you are not going to go with a stock suspension so i ordered up a complete front assembly out of a C6 Corvette. My plan was to make the suspension with as much adjustment as i could get. So the lower control arm mounts were made to use the camber adjustment bolts that a C6 has. Took a while to figure out how everything should mount but my full time job exposes me to thousands of cars a week and we happened to have a Z06 show up. after a few measurements from that i knew i was in good shape.

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    With the decision to go full frame on this i started planning options for the rear. This is when i realized that i had an entire multi link rear suspension from the 2016 camaro still attached to the back half of that vehicle behind my garage. so the plan again spirals out of control AGAIN. I ordered complete on-car adjustable upper and lower trailing arms, upper control arm and toe rod from BMR suspension. after the front suspension is complete and tacked in place i will work my way to the rear. Hopefully i will get the front done this weekend or next week..

    more to come.

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    I'm going to have to agree with you when you said you didn't mind a little work....

    Carl Wilson
    1968 Camaro - T-56 6 speed - 383 Stroker, 2014 Mustang GT seats

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