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      Recap of the first CAM Challenge Autocross of 2018!

      The first CAM Challenge of the year took place last weekend at Crows Landing. There wasn't much advertising that the CAM Challenge was being held jointly with the SCCA ProSolo we only saw 26 drivers. However, it was still a fantastic time! And I'm stoked to say that yours trully won the overall CAM class during class competition.

      Check out the coverage on my blog here: 2018 CAM Challenge Crows Landing

      Being combined with the ProSolo is like mixing drag racing with autocross. Drivers still run a course by themselves, but start off side-by-side drag racing style using a “Christmas tree.” You’re run starts at the green light rather than when you break the start beam. Which means, reaction times matter, red lights are possible, and 60′ times are measured. And while you don't really need it, one of the benefits of hosting the CAM Challenge jointly with the ProSolo is that tire warming burnouts are allowed!

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