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    Hi All ,

    New to the pro-touring building, not new to working on cars.
    Been on this site before just watching all the cool stuff on here and dreaming about doing stuff like you are all doing.

    Always been afraid to customise my cars since a pro-touring car is very rare in my country,
    people like it as a classic and its almost good to get shot if you dare to customise your car...

    Restored my cougar before for a bit ( only what needed to be done at the time)
    spent some quick cash on it because i was impatient, made allot of mistakes and the things i did not do were also not done correct (paint and engine)

    So after doing the work and spending allot of money my car quickly started having issues and breakdowns...
    Beeing so busy with working abroad etc the car has been sitting in the garage for 3 years.....i know i know, terrible!!

    Finally got the time now and money to work on this awesome car and decided to do it my way ,since it is my car !

    I will make a new thread on my project and will start asking questions for things i am struggling with.

    Below a picture on how i bought it 8 years ago, a picture how i made it the first time.
    Rest of the story , check out my new thread i will be putting up soon.

    Thanks all !!




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    Love those early Cougars! Looking forward to seeing your build!

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