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    Driver61 University on youtube A+

    I ran across the Driver61 University run by Scott Mansell (no relation to Nigel Mansell) the other day and was impressed with the level of detail that he discusses with respect to race driver instructions. Most of the topics he discussed I am familiar with but in his basic driver course he goes into more detail than many of the run of the mill classroom instructors I have encountered. He also gives great insight into the thought process of an F1 driver. Interesting discussions on sim racing and data logging as well. He even goes into detail on how to properly warm up tires and brakes before the start of a race and also the thought process at the start of a race and into turn one. Very interesting videos I thought I would share!
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    Hi Steve, just saw this and wanted to say thanks for mentioning Driver61, I really appreciate it! I hope there's something there to be learnt. You can find tutorials and circuit guides on our site too (with articles)

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