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    Default Humbug53's Re-introduction

    Been a while. After a job loss and having to shut down the family business, my project car spent several years on hiatus. Things are just starting to turn around, slowly, but I'm back in the garage with a vengeance.
    The project is still my tube frame 66 Beetle with the LQ4. I sold the T56Magnum during my time away, and now am opting for a 700r4. Still going with a quiet exhaust, Herbie paint job, and painted white steel wheels. Trying to capture the look of the first Love Bug film but with a hidden V8 and independent suspension. Keeping weight low to the ground in hopes of achieving "some" handling.
    Currently in the middle of caging it. Hope to have some pics up soon!

    -Jeff T.
    Redford, MI

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    V8 powered Herbie, what’s not to love about that!?

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