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    VaporWorx Intelligent Power Controllers Redefines Carburettor Fuel Pump Control

    No more dumb mechanical relays!

    These Intelligent controllers are designed to provide modern safety and convenience features for up to 25A per channel of 12DC negative ground power that are not available with traditional relay on/off controls. The Intelligent Power Controller can be used in new installations or to replace an installed traditional relay. They are ideal for carburetor-equipped vehicles with electric fuel pumps and intercooler pumps.
    Ideal for use on carbureted cars with electric fuel pumps, these controllers offer the following features:

    • Output short circuit protection. If the pump or wiring downstream of the controller shorts, the VaporWorx IPC will shut down the output power.
    • Three second prime cycle at initial key-on. No longer will the pump continue to run when the engine is not running.
    • Accident Safety: Output power de-energizing when the engine tachometer signal goes to zero (engine not running.) In case of an accident and the engine shuts off, the controller will shut down the pump. This will keep fuel from pumping uncontrolled in case of a pressure line breakage.
    • Manual override to allow tuning (adjust float bowl level, etc.) with the ignition on/engine off.
    • Manual override for intercooler pumps with the key-off/engine off (modified wiring connections.) This is a great feature to have to cool down air-to-water intercooler systems between -mile runs.

    Build features:

    1. XLPE wire and sealed connector. The IRC comes with 15 of wire for each signal circuit pre-wired into a genuine Delphi sealed GT280 connector. Wire braid is also included. Six feet of white 12ga wire is included for the pump circuit.
    2. All made in the USA UL94 fire rated components and assembled by VaporWorx. The circuit boards are made and assembled by American Board Assembly (how American is that!)
    3. Pre-terminated heavy-gauge ground input wiring. The controller switches the ground input to the pump.
    4. Very conservative power rating. The power rating is limited by the GT280 plug assembly, not by the electronics. The electronics can support 36A with an option for higher power if needed.
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