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      Interlocking tubing clamps. NHRA legal?

      I know the pin style removable crossbar for a roll cage main hoop isn't nhra legal, but was wondring if the more rigid interlocking tube clamps were legal. I'm thinking they're not, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks

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      Not too many people on here would know the current NHRA rulebook in depth. Probably the Yellowbullet forum would get you much more immediate responses on things drag racing.
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      i would say NO there is no mention of it in the rule book that i have ever see. and since it is the attachment point for the harness i would assume no. you can always call the local div tech director for confirmation.
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      Last time I read the rules, no it is not allowed. I have hidden them under padding and never been caught though, depends on your track and how quick you plan to go.