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    Default Caddy powered pick-em-up. 57 Chevy truck

    Time for something a little different....

    My brother started a Caddy 500 motor build about 17 years ago and abandoned the project after changing directions. I love building engines, so last year I got the bug to finish it and see where it led. After a winter of wrenching I picked up where he left off and compiled the rest of the parts needed to get it all fitted and screw the engine together.

    Gawking at a freshly built Caddy I just had to find something appropriate to bolt it into. And I need a pickup... So be it may, I found a super clean 57 chevy 3200 on Ebay sitting in the desert out west for a good price. Its a long bed, which I actually prefer over the short beds for the 55-57 trucks. The proportions are gorgeous I think.

    Fast forward a year....
    After sitting a various storage locations and in the midst of moving to a new home, I finally have a garage to work on it and made its way into its rightful spot just today!!

    The basic plan will be all-purpose fun truck that is a riot to drive and actually retain some utility. I have a full complement of suspension and chassis parts on the way from No Limit Engineering, including the WideRide front end and Fat bar rear. I plan to keep this thread updated along with my progress! I figure it will help keep the motivation levels high and I would love to hear any suggestions!
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