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      Tmcp #338 monsters and muscle cars, tmcp halloween special: Garrett immel hollywood

      This weeks interview is with Garrett Immel, a muscle car restoring makeup artist that has made many on-screen Hollywood monsters that you have seen! He has worked on many famous movies including Army Of Darkness, The Green Mile, Serenity, The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, just to name a few. He is currently the person that makes the aliens appear real on the Seth MacFarlane space odyssey, The Orville.

      While it may seem that Garrett does not fit the typical TMCP interviewee mold, he does have a love of muscle cars and is a longtime listener of The Muscle Car Place. In fact, he even listens to TMCP while he puts the finishing touches on monsters in his makeup chair (and planning out the next restoration project for his 70 Challenger R/T)! Since today is Halloween, who better to talk to than the guy that makes the monsters.

      Check It Out! - http://www.themusclecarplace.com/tmc...ar-for-storage