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      Behind the Wheel with Mike Cuthbertson powered by Optima Batteries

      Powered By optima batteries
      Written By Brandy Phillips
      Photos By Brandy Phillips and Mike Cuthbertson's Facebook Page

      When you see a beautifully built pro-touring vehicle, it is hard not to question the
      inspiration behind the build.

      When Mike Cuthbertson displayed his 1967 Chevelle at the 2014 SEMA Show in the
      TMI Products Booth, his vision for the build was strictly for show. Yet, when a second
      opportunity came about to go back to SEMA in 2015 for the TMI Booth, he would take
      a different approach on the new build.

      Rather than building a show car, his experience at Run To The Coast introduced him to
      the pro-touring scene. This got his wheels turning, not only wanting to build a beautiful
      car, but one that would handle and be competitive on the pro-touring race circuit.

      The first version of Mike Cuthbertson’s 1968 Camaro was finished in ten weeks for the
      2015 SEMA Show. Once SEMA was over, several other changes would take place in
      order to make the Camaro track ready.

      Within the past year, Cuthbertson has made several more changes to the Camaro after
      growing his knowledge on how to make his car handle and watching his competition
      grow. Cuthbertson knew that staying in the top half of the competition required the
      Camaro to undergo continuous changes, even to this day.

      Some changes were minor like adding a radio and sub so he would not lose out on
      Design and Engineering points in the optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car Series.
      Other changes required more work like upgrading to a Speedtech Extreme front
      subframe, adding several carbon fiber body panels including the hood and front
      fenders, in addition to wrapping the car Intense Blue (aka Smurf Blue) so everything
      would match.

      Some of these changes made the ’68 Camaro more competitive, which showed during
      the June 2017 NMCA West Hotchkis Autocross. Cuthbertson was awarded the Hotchkis
      Cup for the weekend, running the fastest and most consistent combine lap times from
      Saturday and Sunday. Victory at this event would prove that he is a force to be
      reckoned with and should not be ignored.

      When asked who he would like to thank for helping him over the past couple years.
      First and foremost was Larry Ashley from TMI Products. Ashley was the one who got
      Cuthbertson into the hobby and gave a normal hobbyist not just one, but two
      opportunities to build a car for SEMA.

      Furthermore, he wanted to thank his wife, Cheryl. It takes a special person to
      understand the time and money that goes into this sport and building a car.

      Cuthbertson also wanted to thank PCHRODS, Ron Sutton, Speedtech Performance,
      Wilwood, Trackspec Motorsports, and Centerforce for their ongoing support and great
      products. The time and parts from each of these companies have helped Cuthbertson
      maintain a competitive edge against the other racers.

      Cuthbertson is definitely one to watch out for in the upcoming months/ race seasons.
      Not only will he continue to get faster, but his plans include making more changes to
      the ’68 Camaro in order to keep it competitive both on and off the track.

      1968 CHEVY CAMARO

      Engine: Stock LS2 with a CAM

      Horsepower / Torque: 425/408 wheel

      Transmission: Tremec Magnum T56

      Clutch: Centerforce


      12 Bolt C Clip Eliminator 3:73 Gears

      Wilwood 6 Piston Front, 4 piston rear

      Bundnik Tungsten 18X12 front and rear

      Tires: BFG Rival S 335 front and rear

      Body & Paint: Rear qtr panels stretched and widened 2.5" with mini-tubs done by
      Pinhead Fabrication, Front fenders Carbon 1.5" wider from JCG Restorations, Hood,
      trunk, spoiler, cowl carbon by Anvil. Wrapped in Gloss Intense Blue

      Interior: TMI Products Interior, with Cobra Carbon Fiber front race seats

      Gauges: Dakota Digital

      Harnesses / Roll Bar / Cage:
      Detroit Speed

      Other modifications:
      Speedtech Extreme front subframe and rear torque arm,
      Ride Tech triple adjustable coils overs with Ron Sutton valving

      Plans for upcoming new vehicle or changes to current vehicle:

      Cuthbertson has ideas for different vehicles almost on a daily basis. He still wants
      a new motor for additional horsepower in the Camaro, a full floater rear axle, as
      well as a few creature comforts such as AC for driving home from those HOT track
      days! Yep, that’s right folks, no trailer for Cuthbertson and he wouldn’t have it any
      other way.
      Brandy Morrow Phillips
      Site Contributor


      Follow me for the latest event news on Pro-Touring.com

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      Congrats Michael and nice write up Brandy!

      -Ben, Creative Director at Speedtech Performance
      We sell some really cool parts, build cool cars, and do cool concept renderings too!
      435-628-4300 www.speedtechperformance.com
      My Pumkinator build thread- https://www.pro-touring.com/showthre...ght=pumkinator