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      1968 AMX Pro Touring build, project "The Kenosha Corncob"

      I wanted to share the build of my 1968 AMC AMX that I have dubbed the "The Kenosha Corncob" and what my plans are going to be along the way...

      Backstory, in high school I bought a 68 AMX 390 Auto from the original owner. It was very complete and all original, but had faded paint with an interior to match. But for a 17 year old kid, it was a fast, fun, car that could do perfect donuts & figure 8's, brakes stands as long as the tires would hold up, and carry a friend & 2 beer kegs in the seat back area. Over the years it got restored back to stock specs because the car was never molested or hotrodded by the original owner, so all of the hard to find AMC/AMX specific pieces were there. Plus being a Southern California car since new, it made for a completely rust free car. I really loved the car but it wasn't that fast and didn't handle very well. So last year I decided to sell it to buy a car special to me, an awesome pro touring Valiant. Not too long after it sold my son told me how upset he was that the AMX was gone. It was a tough lesson to learn from a sad 10 yr old, plus the guy I sold it to did not want to sell it back to me. I had always wanted to build that car into a Pro Touring ride after seeing what Jimi Day did to his AMX, but also knew that it was too clean to cut up and swap an LS into. So recently the Valiant had to go to a new home sadly, but family is more important than cars, and it went to somebody that desired that car just as much as I did over the years. Ironically the same day I listed & agreed to sell the Valiant a 1968 AMX 390 popped up on Ebay in Salt Lake City, Utah, which was only a few hours away from me. That car was the perfect candidate to build the AMX that I had always wanted to. It was beat, but solid, rust free, and was all complete. I talked to the owner and made him an offer, but he let the auction go to the end with me being the 2nd highest bidder. High bidder lived in Canada and flaked a couple of days later so the owner called took my original offer!

      The car is an original 390 auto and has a special order paint color on it. It came with a bunch of spare parts including a grille, pass 1/4 panel, door, fender, NOS grille, and misc other parts. Its all complete, just a complete mess! The pass 1/4 has some pretty big dents in it, along with the door. The hood has been crunched in the front and fixed in the past, no worries as that will be replaced. It has dents in just about every panel.... which is where the "rough as a corncob" description came from. But I'd rather fix dents than replace rusty metal, which is not easy to come by for these cars. Yes, I probably could restore this car, as it is an original 390 special order paint car, but its been rode hard, wrecked, and put away wet. Besides, I have already gone down the purist road. So if you're an AMC purist I apologize now...

      So the plan is to get the car stripped down to sell off what I don't need.... complete running 68 390 & trans anyone? I'll swap the
      motor and trans for an LS & a T56, then suspension and brakes. I'll cage the interior and lighten the car up as much as possible. I plan to do most of the work myself and stick to a limited budget. Ohh and fix dents.....lots of dents.

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