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      Quote Originally Posted by joeko23 View Post
      Thanks guys!

      Hereís the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Neoprene-EP...4AAOSwCKdfjgO8

      Itís really cheap considering you get over 230sq ft which is way more than enough. The whole roll weighs maybe 30lbs. Itís very easy to work with because it can be stretched in multiple directions and it comes with the glue on one side so you donít have to deal with any messy glue. This material is 1/8Ē thick and thatís whatís recommended to use from soundeadenershowdown. They also recommend to double it up on the floor and firewall. This material also acts as a heat barrier according to soundeadenershowdown. At this stage the car feels totally different. The butyl layer that we all use made it sound less hollow when I slam the door. But with this material basically almost everywhere the car feels really solid. When I slam the door, all you hear is the latch closing and thatís it.

      Iím currently finishing up the Mass loaded vinyl layer and luckily saved the backing paper from the CCF to use as a template for the MLV this is making the project go much faster as you donít need templates for the cutouts. MLV is much harder to work with because itís very dense and bends only in one direction at a time. Also the glue Iím using HH-66 is very messy and smelly (like acetone). Iím probably getting high from it LOL.
      So ,you're laying the MLV right over the CCF? Hmmmm, yeah, it will be new car quiet inside I'm sure!! I'll have to check that sound deadener showdown site out and do some reading. Thanks Joe, it's looking awesome
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      Future plans for full TMI interior