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      Tmcp#328 Mysterious Ike From The Untitled Car Show: V8 Muscle,lemon Laws,press Events

      This weeks interview is with Ike (last name withheld to protect the innocent), creator of the popular Untitled Car Show podcast. If you like shows that are a complete automotive stream of consciousness….this is the episode you’ve been waiting for. We covered some serious ground here, talking the fun of rear wheel drive V* muscle cars (which is what made Ike fall in love with cars in the first place), to dealing with lemon lays and selling a car back to a manufacturer, to the realities of hosting an automotive podcast show as a side business while still attending media events. Like I said…we covered a LOT of stuff in this one!

      Check It Out:- http://www.themusclecarplace.com/tmc...e-press-events