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    I would like to get information on the controller also. Been looking everywhere for one.

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    Where did you find that adapter?

    Quote Originally Posted by cmcnitt View Post
    I don't have any good videos but here's a few:

    video of first time trying it:

    transbraking with sbc

    dynoing it, i ran 6th gear with converter locked, with pull made about 740rwp

    and failed attempt at the texas mile

    this shows how a ls wheel is too big to fit inside of the bellhousing.
    I've been running a 153 tooth plate however i had to modify the starter for it to work.
    I'll be using a 1" spacer / adapter next time so the flexplate doesn't have to reach into trans
    Attachment 151528

    this is the first adapter, it's only 7/16" so the flexplate sticks out past it.
    Attachment 151529

    I'll be using 2 plates like this, 1/2" each
    Attachment 151530

    the computer i'm using. if i had to do it again i'd just buy the pcs controller or similar
    Attachment 151531

    the converter pilot is 1.337", i just cut one out of aluminum. I'm make a steel one next time
    Attachment 151532

    this kinda shows it's size, i did have to open up the tunnel a little and will open it up more for the driveshaft going forward
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    messaged you for info please

    Quote Originally Posted by cmcnitt View Post
    I just finished swapping a 8 speed auto from a dodge ram into my 67 chevelle.
    I'm posting this only to offer anyone interested in doing this any help / advice based on what I did to make it work.
    it's really not too bad, I decided to rip the existing controller out of the tranny and used an external one.
    other than that I used an ati adapter plate and 153 tooth gm flex plate to mate it up.
    I am currently manually shifting using two buttons, shift up and shift down. I'll be adding auto mode someday however manual mode is really what I was after,
    I actually only lock up the converter after 8th so it feels like a 9 speed.
    it's basically the same as the hellcat tranny, I shift in under 200 ms and it barks the tires in every gear.
    there's probably better trannys to use but I've tried 2sp, 3sp,4sp od, and a t56. This 8 spd kills them all
    Again, I'm only posting to help others interested in doing this, it took me a lot of searching to find the info so I'd be happy to help anyone save some time do this.
    messaged you for info

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